My Blurb

I am constantly working on this kind of thing, my biographical synopsis. So I am going to post it here and see  how it looks:

I have been making drawings and paintings since I was very young (I started out drawing Bugs in the Garden at Age 2). I always did them, as far back as I can remember. In Grade School, I was allowed to draw during class, I often entertained several other Children at a time with my Pictures and Stories. In High School, I was the Art Editor of the Student News Paper and in College, I drew Cartoons for three different publications. After College, I tried, unsuccessfully to become a Syndicated Cartoonist, my work was too far in Left Field, I was told repeatedly. So, by default, I became a Baker, it’s still creative. It was through Baking that I became associated with the Performance Group, Snake Oil Medicine Show. All the way back in February of 1997, was the first time I heard their music. I first met jay Sanders and Steve Peterson, through a mutual friend and they introduced me to the other members, George and Caroline Pond, Andy Pond, Jason Krekel and Aaron Price (each of these humans changed my life much more than I could have realized at the time). I was immediately drawn to their Upbeat, Quirkiness. They were drawn to me, too, and we began talking about combining Live Painting with their Musical Medicine Show. In August of 1997, at the Jehosaphest (Snake Oil’s one and only Music Festival), I did my first Live Painting ever with the Band. After that, it became a regular Gig for me and at least one other Painter a the same time. That was a great thing, not only did we have a Live Painter in the Group, we had at least Two! As time went by, we traveled all across the United States, from Maine to California and even Alabama, then we left the States and Traveled in Europe and to the Island Nation of Jamaica, in the West Indies. Jamaica is famous for a Type of Music called Reggae and in 2003, Snake Oil Medicine Show had been invited to Perform at a Special Party there, called the Chinese New Year in Jamaica or CHNY for short. The event is put on by a Outfit from Atlanta, Georgia, called Deep Blue Ripple and it benefits the Jamaican People and especially the extremely Bright and Promising Young People there. CHNY
has developed a kind of Humanitarian Tourism and invites participants to “Party in Jamaica for a Good Cause”. We in SOMS immediately Became good friends with the Organization and have been involved for over 6 years now. I create the Artwork for each year, this is the Year of the OX, coming up in 2009, I have done Art for the Year of the Dragon, the Rooster, the Dog, the Pig and the Rat. I have donated Large Paintings to this amazing Non-Profit and also to the West North Carolina AIDS Project and the Moog Foundation. I have learned that if you can’t make a contribution in cash to help out your favorite causes, there are still several ways to help, Art is just one of them. I hold firm to my belief in Art Magic. Art, which I define simply as Human Creativity (not to discount the creativity of our fellow Earthlings, the Elephant and the Monkey, to name just two), has a very powerful ability to heal on many levels. I also want to mention my involvement with the French Broad River Festival (where I create all the Visual Art and help with things like the Sponsor Kit and Post Cards, T-Shirts and Posters for the Event) and the Dynamic Art Gallerie collaboration with Bob Seven
and george Pond and the OUR Festival in Western New York State. Plus the yet to be named children’s book project, tentatively entitled “Party Animals”, which started as a song by the Royal Rascals for a Children’s Album. I have also designed over 75 CDs for Bands and printed countless T-Shirts and Posters. I also painted many murals across the South East including the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company and the Reuter Children’s Center in SOuth Asheville. In 12 years with Snake Oil Medicine Show, I painted over 100 large paintings during the numerous live performances (each painting took me anywhere from 5 to 20 performances to complete).

Fried Eggs

Today I am feeling a little crazy. It is partially due to the fact that somehow during the night, I developed a huge “crick” in my left shoulder, that is causing dull pain to go up into my neck and makes it hard to turn. Beyond that the Universe is throwing me some new twists and curves to deal with and the bad economic news is kind of scaring me just a hair. I don’t own stocks or anything of that nature but I do have a house and make mortgage payments. I am sure everything will be fine, in fact, just the other day I decided this would be my best year ever, so I guess I should not be worried. I am going to chant positive things and keep dreaming BIG! I need to remember to listen to music and the crickets and to draw pictures and drink tea and to take walks, all the best things in life, that are relatively inexpensive. Tonight I am helping with an Auction at the Merrimon Art Gallery that is to benefit the Forest. That’s right, the Forest, you know, the one with Trees. Also, my Friend, James Owen is performing and showing some of his wonderful Artwork at the Harvest Records in West Asheville, around 7:00pm. James is a very talented musician and artist (visual). The Mad Tea Party is performing in Greenville, South Carolina, so check them out if you are in the Area:

Wheel Whale!

as seen earlier in another format:

There is a Tiny-sized Whale, inside of a Big Box, feeding case-fulls of Cod through a little door in the wall to a Big Whale, which spins around, shooting sparks and stamping fresh shingles out of old wheel-wells from Trailer Hubs. The First Whale only eats one fish at a time, Kippered Herrings, all stitched up, like the Skipper, with Gilligan! This all takes place inside a Gigantic Whale, the size of your average Universe, which is flying at top-speed, completely out-of-control, and headed your way!

Welcome You Back

In today’s installment: The Summer is almost over. I am not looking forward to the Winter. I love to be able to stand outside and feel the warm breeze. When the cold winds start to blow, I must take down all the window screens in my house and roll in the old-timey windows, then seal them up with a plastic coating that makes everything outside a little bit blurry. The blurry plastic cuts down on the light, too, of which there is already not very much in the Winter. I love the light, I am constantly surrounded by my protective Light Bubble but it is more of an ethereal light. It’s that big orange fire-ball in the sky that makes the light I crave. Today in the office, my Dad and I are studying the Panamanian Real Estate Market. Looking for any good finds, there is a Beautiful Bed and Breakfast for sale, built right on the water. It could be very good to go there and bask in the warmth, instead of freezing here and paying ridiculous fuel prices. This is my home, however, Western North Carolina, and the trees are still a brilliant green and the Sun’s warmth is still coming in the windows. Outside a big truck makes loud noises and the familiar smell of diesel fumes (which always remind me of traveling) waft in through the open portal. So I will stay here a little while longer and try to make some more art!

I just got my dog, Lucy (aka: the Goose), back from her Haircut and Bath. She looks and smells wonderful. At thirteen plus years of age, this won’t last for long. She has been super-itchy and the Folks at the Grooming Place suggested she take a Tablespoon full of Canola Oil in her dinner to help her get some grease in her coat. I’m gonna try it.

New Blog

Hello, this is my new Blog. I am writing from my desk at the Home Office here in love-i-ly Woodfin, North Carolina, aka the Nork, in my own native (altar-native) lang-u-age. I hope you are doing well as you read this. It is my intention the have the number one Blog Universally, while also helping to encourage and inspire the likes of your fine self and I hope to let you in on some good news from around the way, including, especially, music, art and other writings from all my Heroes, great and small! I will update this often with new news, so please check back and put this link into all your Websites, and other Social Networking Areas and your own Blogs, as well. I am also hopeful that I will soon receive a new keyboard that types correctly for my hunting and pecking style! Good Day.