Welcome You Back

In today’s installment: The Summer is almost over. I am not looking forward to the Winter. I love to be able to stand outside and feel the warm breeze. When the cold winds start to blow, I must take down all the window screens in my house and roll in the old-timey windows, then seal them up with a plastic coating that makes everything outside a little bit blurry. The blurry plastic cuts down on the light, too, of which there is already not very much in the Winter. I love the light, I am constantly surrounded by my protective Light Bubble but it is more of an ethereal light. It’s that big orange fire-ball in the sky that makes the light I crave. Today in the office, my Dad and I are studying the Panamanian Real Estate Market. Looking for any good finds, there is a Beautiful Bed and Breakfast for sale, built right on the water. It could be very good to go there and bask in the warmth, instead of freezing here and paying ridiculous fuel prices. This is my home, however, Western North Carolina, and the trees are still a brilliant green and the Sun’s warmth is still coming in the windows. Outside a big truck makes loud noises and the familiar smell of diesel fumes (which always remind me of traveling) waft in through the open portal. So I will stay here a little while longer and try to make some more art!

I just got my dog, Lucy (aka: the Goose), back from her Haircut and Bath. She looks and smells wonderful. At thirteen plus years of age, this won’t last for long. She has been super-itchy and the Folks at the Grooming Place suggested she take a Tablespoon full of Canola Oil in her dinner to help her get some grease in her coat. I’m gonna try it.

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