Fried Eggs

Today I am feeling a little crazy. It is partially due to the fact that somehow during the night, I developed a huge “crick” in my left shoulder, that is causing dull pain to go up into my neck and makes it hard to turn. Beyond that the Universe is throwing me some new twists and curves to deal with and the bad economic news is kind of scaring me just a hair. I don’t own stocks or anything of that nature but I do have a house and make mortgage payments. I am sure everything will be fine, in fact, just the other day I decided this would be my best year ever, so I guess I should not be worried. I am going to chant positive things and keep dreaming BIG! I need to remember to listen to music and the crickets and to draw pictures and drink tea and to take walks, all the best things in life, that are relatively inexpensive. Tonight I am helping with an Auction at the Merrimon Art Gallery that is to benefit the Forest. That’s right, the Forest, you know, the one with Trees. Also, my Friend, James Owen is performing and showing some of his wonderful Artwork at the Harvest Records in West Asheville, around 7:00pm. James is a very talented musician and artist (visual). The Mad Tea Party is performing in Greenville, South Carolina, so check them out if you are in the Area:

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