Note (from earlier Facebook Posting)

by Phil Cheney on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 10:11am

Free form flow of consciousness, the Algonquin Diner, fourth of July mini bar. I had heralded a star and went to search through boxes and found Apes draped and lots of locks but not one cape, capiche? I woke up and was told of a dream, Pantless Protests and Trombone Flash Mobs. The World is waiting for the Sunrise. Down their gullets with our Surprise. Don’t order slurpies and a large fries. When did You get here? I’ve been washed up on over one thousand seashores and found seahorses by the scores and even eaten hors d’oeuvres. I know I’ve had my share of snow, the Harems grow but soon they will be overflowed, where do all the extras go? Can we rent a boat, or even a flotilla of Gorillas or Guerrillas? Who’s gonna take my tortilla chip mask, my fur mask’s been missing quite a while. Has anyone seen my one piece snow suit? I don’t remember where I left it but it’s really hard to miss. Brown with reflective stripes on its arms and legs. Who knows? I activate my ¡Yogurt! corn daydream, nightmare, underpants, day-glow, driftwood, airstream, mini-mart, dribble art, hand made cart, have You a heart? when did the Mailman get to start such long-winded orations? I’m going back inside now, the battery is almost dead. My 7 and one half year-old apple laptop has only got about half-an-hour battery lifetime anymore these days. I’m running on a fume but refuse to stop dreaming these dreams I’ve had for my whole life and per haps for longer, it’s true. When I find my stuff and get back on the bus, I will send a whole fax note to You…

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