The Sky V.


I swam to Catcha Falling Star and jumped from the high-point there. It’s maybe 20 feet tall. I swam back and was exhausted and my headache continued from yesterday morning and all the day. It did subside at the end of the day, during dinner and once I had landed. Now I have been swimming two times already today. Marianne told me there was a Shark last year but that it was only off course, of course. Now they sit around the new table, under the shade-frond thatched roof and discuss the topics of the day. An International Wedding Party is happening tomorrow at Catcha Falling Star, the Guy was just over here to see His friends from Tampa, USA. He is from Vancouver, Canada. They (the Friends that stay here) said that they were the Token Americans in the Party of 68.
The weather here is perfect. It is neither hot nor cold. I am very comfortable in only my bathing suit pants, as a I type here on the second floor of the Red Rooster House, Banana Shout, West End, Negril, Jamaica, West Indes, Northern and Western Hemispheres, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, Multiverse, et cetera ad infinitum.