the Deputy of Duppies!

fortheDeputyofDuppiesOystill Fully on REmote, Folks. Uploading: For the Deputy of Duppies, Jeeze and Straight from the Joy of OY! HOONs from the Magic Book. Yom! Jeeze, Louise! I am not near my scanner, so I taking pictures of the Arts and uploading the,. Tomorrow I will be back near my scanner.


One thought on “the Deputy of Duppies!

  1. the Duppies are a HOONs Branch that involve Supernatural Qualities. Duppy, of course, is a Jamaican word for Spirit, which, from what I understand is mostly a Bad Spirit but there are some Good Ones and I am drawing from that side of the Duppy pool. the Character on the right end of this image-in-area, is a True HOON, just for those that were curious.

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