When You hear that something is Universal, what do You think of? This is what comes up in My Computer’s Dictionary (beneath, of course, Universal Studios, which is more important, than the rest of these):

general, ubiquitous, comprehensive, common, omnipresent, all-inclusive, all-embracing, across-the-board; global, worldwide, international, widespread.

All-embracing, I like that. In my opinion, as in that of Many Others, I submit that Universal is everything. How could anything not be Universal. Universal is way beyond International, or even Global. It means of the Universe and that’s a BIG place. The Universe is not a Galaxy, shoot, it’s untold numbers of Them. People are so confused. Even a one-of-a-kind item can be Universal, and is. Here is My Computer’s definition of Universe (an excerpt, that is):

all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.

All existing matter. Anything, everything, ALL. How conveniently quaint our little terminology is. A Universal Remote… the Antique Remote from Your first VCR, that doesn’t work anymore, maybe not since the 80s, is also a Universal Remote. An old Fly, for Fishing, tied by Your Grandfather in the 1950s… Universal. No point in listing anything else here. You get the gist. All things, all-inclusive, no prejudice, not a hair left uncounted, nor a hare, not one single grain of sand is making it out of this list. Universal. We are all just “Cosmic Dust” as a Sweet Friend has told Me in Her way. Any way You tell it, it’s Universal. Uni = one (vers) All = everything. All is One. One is ALL. I am All and So are You. We All are All.

Here’s another bit from my helpful Computer:

The Universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies.

10 billion light years. How long does it take to travel a Light Year? At what speed. I have heard it said that a Human Being cannot even count to one billion in a Lifetime. I reckon it depends on how long You live.

Here’s another Word I saw in the Definition of Universe:

Firmament – the heavens or the sky, esp. when regarded as a tangible thing.

I like that word and there are more, so many more words that I like. I imagine that even all the words I like wouldn’t fill up a light year (even if placed end-to-end), that my little speck of dust self doesn’t even register in the Universal Map. However, it just might, for I am a Glowing Yellow Blast of Light, a Beam shooting deep into the Heavens. A beacon for ALL time. All Directions, All Speeds. Love everlasting. That’s powerful stuff and unstoppable. Try to figure it out.


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