the French A. Lorraine

theFrenchALorraineIn my Sketchbook, this drawing was titled “the French A. Lorraine”. This is a redrawing in Pen and Ink of that sketch but the title remains the same. The birthday week continuum is in effect here. I am reporting in from a chilly House in Saxapahaw, NC, with sunny skies above. The original sketch was done in Jamaica, back in January of 2011. Playing Guitar with Elvis Glasses making up songs in a much warmer climate.

AK Lorraine Birthday Week!

AKLinJacketandHatReDrawnThis is AK Lorraine’s Birthday Week. She is going to be 30 on Wednesday! I am kicking it off with a drawing I did of Her back in the Fall of 2010, when She was attending the SIT Institution up in Brattleboro, VT. It gets chilly up there, so You need a hat and a big coat before going out of doors into the Super Colorful Fall weather.

A Robot Friend for Gandhi.

RobotFriendforGandhiIn some photographs of Mahatma Gandhi, there is a strange mechanical creature seen walking with Him. I have long suggested that this was a little-known Robot Friend for Mister Gandhi, and drawing from old sketches, I offer a more detailed view. The Robot was about the size of a medium Dog and ran, most likely on an advanced battery system. The current whereabouts of Mister Gandhi’s Robot are unknown.

At Home on a Snowy Evening.

The Moon is setting now, a fattening Crescent, She appears glowing white and yellow through dark clouds that sent gusts of heavy snow, now ended, for several minutes tonight on my way home. It is Saturday night and silent, save for the popping sounds the wood stove makes when it is heating up, or cooling down, as it is now. I need to stoke the fire. I heated my dinner on there, in a pot with olive oil. Heated right up. Lamb sausage pasta with peppers and onions, and now on my second beer. On a snowy night by a warm fire with a cold beer and a full belly and nothing but the sound of the wind chimes and that stove popping I mentioned above, unless you are reading this upside down, in which case it is below. It is below and I am here at the end of this book but it’s not really the end, it’s just the beginning.