Working on a Village

We’ve been working on a village, the Doo-Nanny Village, down in Seale, Alabama. Yesterday we got the poles in the ground, including three Cedar trees, one with its root-ball sticking straight up in the air, for the Cabaret Stage, which is going to be filled with Dancing Girls in about a week or so. There was a big pile of dirt with little plants growing out of it in the front of the spot where it is going to be and a Guy on a little tractor, called Mark, Smoothed it all out and it was full of bricks, so now hundreds of bricks have sprouted all over the ground where there once was a mound. I made a little triangle of bricks in front of my station, which is called the Junk Shun and which is part of an Arts Collaborative, that includes the Dynamic ART Gallerie, the Mad Tea Tree House (Ami Worthen and Jason Krekel, complete with stage), Krek Prints (Arts by Jason Krekel) and the Arts and Music of AK Lorraine, plus Tesla Jamieson’s (Intergalactic Hobo) Leather and Feather belts and head-dresses, and We’ll Be hosting Bethany Adams of Rhetorical Factory. It’s going to be jam-packed here in the back but we’ve got a great view of the Cabaret Stage and today we will present a scab-array, wherein boards will be scabbed together and supported to build the floor and stage, the walls are all pallet Boards and the roof, shingles of various sized pieces of tin. Bob7 is the director and Chief Architect and I am the assistant and also main worker on the Junk Shun right now. Jason Krekel was here working like a Mad-Man all weekend long and also cooking us wonderful foods, so We do miss him on many levels and We hope he hurries back soon and brings his partner, Miss Ami Worthen, with him to complete their Crew. Jason also played for us the Electric Guitar at night-time by a fire, it was quite amazingly wonder-full. Two Women came from NYC to do an interview with Butch Anthony, our host and the Father of Intertwangelsim (an international Arts Movement). They were on assignment from HUGE Magazine, an outfit from Tokyo, Japan.




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