Lion Butterfly and Luna.

GyspyQueen22GyspyQueen23LionButterflyandLunawith a yellow-ish background.

I found these drawings of the Gypsy Queen that I did back in 2009, while cleaning up today in my shop. The little light table that I have in the back saw the light of day for the first time in several years.

the Gypsy Queen is a Collaborative Art Project, created by a real Salmon Boat Captain and brought to life by a Crew of Gypsies, each year at Burning Man. It’s an Art Car that looks like a Salmon Fishing Boat from Alaska and has been wildly popular, there.

Dark Danish and Monkey Jungle.

MonkeyJungleReDrawI first revisited some old characters from the Dark Danish Quadrology and then I drew the Monkey Jungle (with Giraffes). Sometimes, You have to draw something to actually see how it will work. So I am trying to encourage myself to do more Artwork by doing all these drawings. Thanks for taking a second or two to check them out!PatboWanBurlytheKurdMitler

Moon Hammock and The Magic of Books.

AKLHammockMoon MagicofBooksAK Lorraine Hammock Moon dedication. I have a hammock-theme this day, the second of March. Here is: Magic of Books (all day spent reading in a hammock), the characters come to life. Every time I get in a hammock, I end up asleep and usually pouring my beer on myself, which causes me to wake-up. Herein, depicted, are two scenarios, one of a nap in a hammock and a possible dream-sequence resulting from that and a whole day spent reading in a hammock, one afternoon.

Testing Update

Tonight from the darkness I type with my opposable thumbs, like Thom Thumb or Thumbellina, and even other Th beginning names of fictional characters that I need not mention at this hour. How strange to record a form of writing by this means and send it out into the encircling magical madness glowing around us all of the time. Who takes note? Why not? I am gonna keep on making Art and taking notes, do not be worried.