French Broad River Baby.

FrenchBroadRiverbabyThis is Jason Krekel’s creation, made up of a lot of different parts, heads and tails and arms and torsos… It was suggested that We collaborate to make an image for the upcoming French Broad River Festival and so Jason said, “You can do a drawing of the French Broad River Baby,” which was once ALIVE! Here is one example of the Baby as done by me in the 2-Dimensional realm. You really hafta rally is You want to check out Jason Krekel the musician, who is constantly on the go, however You can check out His artwork here:

Intertwangleism Version by PC

EasternPeepersVolume8RaxopludmonAmazonReDrawnHere is my take on Intertwangleism, the International ARTs movement started when John Henry Toney plowed up a turnip, saw a face on it, did a painting of it and sold it down in Pittsview, Alabama, about 23 years ago. This is my version of the R. Frito Seven painting, entitled “Raxopludmonazon”, I have added embellishments in the spirit of keeping the ARTs Collaborative alive. Also included herein You will find “Eastern Peepers and Tea-time Scenario, a celebration of Spring, which is finally beginning to happen in my neck of the Woods…

Saturday ARTs.

IntergalacticLastersSawMovieduring Saturday I have created some new ARTs. I have made a 2D and 3D version of “Saw Movie” and also I drew a Portrait of the Intergalactic American ARTs Family, the Laster Blasters of Crofton, Kentucky. C.M.L, G.K.L. and Ruby Elvis Rose on Easter Sunday with a basket full of Eggs, Emu Eggs, Ostrich Eggs, Duck Eggs, Goose Eggs and plain old Chicken Eggs. Check out the Lasters today:

BIG Whale Love All the Time.

BIGWhaleLoveChant, pray, draw, dream, think, do, love, live, be kind, listen. Whales are gigantic mammals that live in the Sea. They are ancient and intelligent. Become aware of them, if You already are, then pass it on. Killing Whales is worse than killing Humans, it is a travesty, don’t let anyone fool You into thinking otherwise.

Sailing Vessels at Sea with Stars

SailingVesselStars23Some time ago I made an image like this with what I call “photo Arts” and today I found that one and free-handed this version based on the earlier one. I am feeling very nautical, indeed. I hadn’t done a pen and ink drawing, or any drawing, really, since I left for the Doo-Nanny, 19 days ago. So it was good to get back to the drawing board.