The Beginning of a Great Adventure

these are the Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave, these are the Days of the Earliest Waves.

these are the Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave, these are the Days of the Earliest Waves.

ThreeSewers10-10-13 I am beginning and have already begun the most challenging and ambitious undertaking of my Life, thus far. I have come up to Connecticut, in the midst of the Brightest Colors of Fall to stay on a Lake which reflects them back up into the Sky.

I am here to write and record a Song, to paint a 20 foot by 10 foot canvas, depicting the ideas conveyed in the Song and to be filmed while painting to make a time-lapse Movie of the process and then to make another 10 foot by 4 foot canvas REvisiting an earlier Painting, in an ALL-new format.

Before I left Asheville, I had to figure out how to create a 20 foot by 10 foot canvas. This was a complicated process, especially because I could not find the amount of canvas I needed in one piece, involving a lot of help from my Friends. I called Kim Pitman and Her friend Martha Howell Burnette (who works at Cross Canvas) to see about acquiring a large roll of Canvas. They were able to help Me out and I purchased that roll and brought it back to my Shop, where two 20 foot by 60 inch rolls of canvas were sewn together by Justyn Thompson with Greg Philipp and I helping to feed the giant wad and then the next day, Bethany Adams of Rhetorical Factory came to my Shop and help me sort out what else needed to be done to the canvas, it needed more seam sewing and it needed sleeves in the top and the bottom and it needed stitching down both sides, so it wouldn’t fray, as it is going to be suspended from a pipe, instead of being on a stretcher.

It took three days and three friends to make that into a reality but that’s not where the support and encouragement end, there are also Ami Worthen and Jason Krekel, Anita Lorraine Kinney, my Mom and Dad and Emil Nomel, who has spent all day long here helping Me figure out this complicated song and Meredith DiMenna for making this a reality. We’ll see what happens next, today has been very productive, so far and We are still going.


5 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Great Adventure

  1. I am sending you this cheery inspiration, from the depths of this Friday and warm, kind, soul, cause that’s what you are, it comes from within. I know you believe, tap right on in.

  2. Phil thanks for making dreams come true I need you in this world right now magic is real real is cool you are a tiny giant hero of mine thanks I am having fun thinking time travel because of you. toot toot

    • Part the leader, go on the Loose with Peter! Everywhere I can go, I bring the Fellow Artists and Friends that I admire, they always take me to the higher path! Thank You. Let’s time-travel!

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