Largest Canvas Yet…

It took me three days from laying out the pieces of wood to finally applying the background layers of paint to the Canvas. I built it right out back on the deck, over-looking Flavor Bay, where, as I type, drum tracks are being laid-down for a EP Album, soon to be recorded here and various other Wheelings and Dealings in the Realms of Art, Music and Film Making, are taking place all around me. The Sun went down and the bottom dropped out of the lovely Fall Day bubble of warmth. On Friday Night I built the frame for my first Painting, a 10 foot by 4 foot REcreation of my earlier Painting “Art Party” (displayed above), I had glued 10 plates to the back to help with keeping this large and overly long rectangle together. After an all-night drying session, I applied the Canvas to the frame, which requires a lot of tugging and stapling and folding. Then I put on the gesso and set it out in the Sun to dry. The I projected the image I created for the Painting and finally begin to paint it in the lovely afternoon Sunshine, while drumming and guitar playing and singing went on in my midst.


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