Bird Men of Orongo.

BirdMenof OrongoPaintedPictureThursdayAt the base of the Volcano, Rayo Kayo, lay Orongo, the Lost City of the Bird Men. Today I painted from around 8:00am until very close to 7:00pm. Meredith came with Me to set up the Camera again and to check yesterday’s footage. She was very pleased with the results of yesterday’s filming. The Camera takes a shot once every 10 seconds and it looks like I am the fastest Painter in the Land, a True Miracle! I am unofficially a Visiting Artist, tucked high up in the front end of the Nest ARTs Factory, which is very informal, yet super-fancy in my estimation. All day long I was putting paint on this enormous canvas and talking to People from the Nest, who were coming up to check out my progress. One Guy said, “Hmmm… that’s kind of interesting.” another Guy told Me: “this is the biggest painting I’ve seen in Bridgeport in a long time.” So I’ve made a lot of new Friends and I went down the Black Rock Block to have My Lunch-Eon today, only it wasn’t really an Eon. I have too much to do right now for one of those.  I was working on Bird Men and Moai, today. Tomorrow some Dolphins in the waves and some more emanating Rays, those are the Earliest Rays, by the way, the edge of an endless bank of oncoming waves. Stay tuned  for more details from the Front!


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