Out of this World Things.

Rano Kayo lay Orongo.Next ARTsPeople who have Visions are sometimes considered either Crazy or else Visionary Artists, according to a discussion I had early this morning with Meredith DiMenna. I have been unable to sleep past 6:30am, since being in the Northeast, save for one Sunday Morning, when I slept until 8:30am. This may to old news to those Who have communicated fairly regularly with Me and while the number of Whom I am referring is somewhere approaching three, that is not much smaller than the entire readership of these postings. Today I returned again, a little later, maybe a hair after 8:00am, to the Nest ARTs Factory, in Bridgeport, CT, after receiving the Ecuadorian Breakfast sandwiches (and to-day I finally remembered to bring all the components of my Coffee Service. Meredith set up the Time-lapse Camera and made some pictures of the set-up and shot some footage at regular speed then left Me on my own. I painted for all of the day and got the entire bottom half of the (now) 10 foot by 17 foot Canvas covered in colors. I didn’t even stop for lunch today. The batteries weren’t getting charged properly for the time-lapse camera, which is on a rolling ladder, like the kind You used to get off of Airplanes with, before ALL the Security Checkpoints, so I had to keep going up there and changing them every half-an-hour or so. After that We went back to the Whole Foods Salad Bar and I got pretty much the same thing I had the other night.


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