From the City to the Country, with a sky full of Stars.

IMG_1142 IMG_1186 IMG_1194This day I returned to Flavor Bay, after cleaning up the space where I worked for the last week. I am so thankful to the Nest ARTs Factory for the very generous sharing of Space. Now, back at Flavor Bay, after a dinner of Roasted Chicken and Roots Vegetables by Chef Emil, We are now working on the Music for “the Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave”, which will accompany the Film of the Painting being made. It’s getting very interesting and soon We’ll add Vocals again, then We’ll send it back down to the Coast for Meredith DiMenna to check out again on Her end. I saw some lovely reflections of Clouds in the Lake as the Sun was sliding behind the Hill on the other side. It was another beautiful Fall Day but They tell Us that a change is gonna come. I’m glad it stayed warm while I worked on the Third Floor of 10,000+ square feet with no visible heat sources. That was true charm and indeed must have been bolstered by the Miracle Wave, which has lifted each of Us up, each in its own unique way. I’m up in the Top, high in the Studio Attic, listening in while Super Groovy Guitar notes float in rapid succession, very similar to the Ribbon-like Waves of the Miracle, whose lengths never cease to amaze.

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