In a Finite World like here…


Origin: AL Photo-image by Emil Nomel.

Origin: AL Photo-image by Emil Nomel.

EmilGuitarTracks MeredithFilmingDo We automagically begin to Dream? I do, indeed. I dream while awake and in my Sleep I dream Dreams that are truly fantastical. Those dreams provide the basis for many of my Artworks and fuel my thoughts for entire Days. To-day I spent most of the day painting. At first I was out on the deck, overlooking the Bay but after a while it was just too chilly, so I came inside and set up a make-shift easel with a chest of drawers and a left-over wood piece from under the deck. Emil spent all day working on the Music and laying down all kinds of drum and guitar tracks. Last night He and I added vocals before sending the whole thing to Meredith DiMenna, who has been editing the Video and writing a Press Release and doing Nine Million other things, including Singing, again on this crazy song: “the Earliest Days of the Miracle Wave” stay tuned for a link to see and hear the Wave Occur.

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