Sky Kingdom.

Blown clean to Sky Kingdom!

Blown clean to Sky Kingdom!

I’ve always thought of Sky Kingdom as a Mystical Place beyond the clouds, a floating City in the upper echelons of the atmosphere, sparkling in the golden light of the Sun. I’ve also heard the phrase “He had his head blown clean off!” more than my fair share of times, living here in the South as I do. Somewhere along the way, those two things got mixed up in my brain and became “Blown clean to Sky Kingdom!” like what might happen if You did something dumb and blew Yourself up… it happens more often than You might expect. I am always trying not to do that. Here is a drawing I did recently of what such a Cloud City dwelling might look like. This is based on an actual Styrofoam Structure, built up on a Hillock in Central Western Connecticut. If I were to ever own this place, I’d string up a rocket on a wire and go all the way to Flavor Bay!

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