Double Inverted Muses with Bunny, Robot and Butterfly Exploding.

Double Inverted Muses with Butterfly Robot and Bunny Explotion

I’d like to Wish You ALL a Very Happy New Year. I am beginning a series on My Own ARTs where I will post an image and explain what it is all about. The is the Double Inverted Muses with Bunny, Robot and Butterfly Exploding. It is a version of an earlier piece I did called simply Musing Double. A Muse is very important to have. I look for inspiration everywhere and sometimes that inspiration comes in a Human Form. This particular painting is an Ode to the Muse, whomever She may be. Here is a depiction which comes from a process that developed accidentally in my Sketchbooks over many years. By drawing an image and then drawing another image on a preceding page, there begins to form alternative imagery between the two. The Bunny, Robot and Butterfly were randomly drawn close to the drawing of the Muses and here is the result. I painted this on a canvas backdrop to take to Burning Man in 2006 but later I mounted it on a framed board. It was completed in 2006.

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