Springtime Arrival.

I don’t know if it’s here to stay but Springtime seems to have arrived in and around the Asheville, NC Area. Of course, it snowed on Sunday morning but that seems like light-years ago (how fast are those, anyway?). I have found myself standing out-of-doors for longer and longer periods of time, somehow engaged in lengthy conversations with Those I might have otherwise quickly walked past. The dream of light green and pastel colors is not quite realized, yet, however, the purple and brown of Winter is still holding court in the Forest. I sit with my coffee cup and speculate as I hear the birdies chirping: what kind of day will this be? I hesitate to don my shorts-pair as yet, while others have been in theirs for days now. It does seem like a dream: the long Winter’s nap is over! Although for those North of the Mason and Dixon line, it could continue for several more weeks. I’m sure to keep lots more UPdates coming, so please do stand by. No one wants to miss any more yada-yada. It’s easiest to check back every couple months to see what I put next, or just scroll down!


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