Grey Skies and Thoughts of Wonder.

Memories of Wonder fill my mind as these grey clouds cover the entire sky. I keep hoping for a little Sunshine to poke through and heat-up the land. Flowers and Trees are surely bursting at the seams to get a little taste of that pure warming energy. I got some battery charging from a recent visit to a Magical Place, it’s been warming Me during these last few dark days. I’m down to the reserve tank, though, so I am gonna go outside and do a Sun-dance, just as soon as I get done with this entry. Join Me if You like, the more the merrier, is what They say, You know those They? They sit on their lanais, far away in very sunny climates and whisper such ideas onto the warm winds, which then encircle the Globe and slip into Our waiting ears to help Us out in conversations and in giving out advice…


2 thoughts on “Grey Skies and Thoughts of Wonder.

  1. Nice post!

    Makes me wistful/sad that I had to miss visiting that Magical Place. Sigh.

    Onward, though! Sunshine today!



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