the Sweet Spot of Summer 2014!

 Art pARTy Part Too¡

Corn-on-the-Cobb is a staple of the Sweet Spot of Summer and eaten with almost every meal, coated generously in butter. We also had Lobster, Clams, Steak, Burgers, Sausage, Pasta and Caesar Salad (the best one I have ever had is at the Birches on Moosehead Lake in Maine). I built a super heavy-duty 16x8x4 foot Platform at Rhetorical Factory, We hosted the Lasters ART Family, We went to the Outrageous Universe REvival (my 15th in a row), I dropped off Ami Worthen at the Train Station to NYC, I went to Flavor Bay and began writing a New Song with Emil Nomel and Meredith DiMenna and did a few UPgrades to the painting I made there last Fall, I picked up Jason Krekel at the Train Station from NYC and went back to Flavor Bay, the next morning at first light, We set-out for Maine. We swam in the chilly Ocean at Ferry Beach and made it up to Hallowell, the Spiritual Capital of Maine by the Afternoon in a rain storm.

On Wednesday morning, July 30th, I left Asheville, NC, at Dawn’s early light, with Ami Worthen (one half of the Moodees). We made it to a favorite East Coast Breakfast spot: Tudor’s Biscuit World by 9:45am. Freshly fueled, We headed on up through West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania into Western NY by 5:00pm. We arrived at the Kevin Cole Farm in Panama, NY and began helping Maury Rosenberg (of Hypnotic Clambake) decorate for the 18th Annual OUR Fest. The OUR Fest came off without a hitch this year. Hypnotic Clambake, the Active Artists Alliance of Jamestown, NY and the Kevin Cole Farm of Panama, NY (and host for the second year of the Festival), teamed up to bring Us the 18th Annual OUR Fest. It may well have been the best OUR Fest ever, even though We sincerely missed many missing Old Friends. After the Festival We made Our way East toward New York City and Connecticut. As We rode the curving highway through the dense forests of Southern Central New York State, We experienced a one hundred-mile-wide down-pour. After about 6 and a half hours, We reached the Train Station where Ami would catch Her next leg of transportation, into New York City.

It is hard to write about the passing of the Sweet Spot of Summer. It is such a fleeting moment of pure velveteen loveliness. Like the flavored butter on the Corn-on-the-Cobb that runs down Your neck as You chew like an old-timey Typewriter, it melts away behind Us, bobbing out-of-sight in the foamy wake of a Pontoon Boat plying a dark Maine Lake.

After the OUR Fest, I began my portion of the Lake-a-Day-Cycle Tour, which has vague but elaborate rules (created by Me): the LakedayCycle does not imply swimming in Lakes, nor does it imply just one Lake-a-Day. The Cycle may be achieved whether tethered to a floating dock or standing on the Shoreline. It looks like a can of Salmon over the Mountain right now and it’s reflecting in the Lake. Needless to say, the Lake-a-Day Cycle also does not imply a different Lake each day, just a Lake.

There is just too much information to publish only one Blog about this topic, which I realize is a little disjointed, however, please bear with Me and I’ll get more of it typed-out.

Ami and Lora P.

Ami surprised OUR Friend Lora P, a musician from Trumansburg, NY, the day after Her birthday by jumping from inside of a Barn as Her car passed slowly by!

Pretzels are a staple at the OUR Fest!

Pretzels are a staple at the OUR Fest!

the Wizard behind the Hypnotic Clambake Album "Mayonaise" is also pretty good on the Bar-be-Que grill...

the Wizard behind the Hypnotic Clambake Album “Mayonaise” is also pretty good on the Bar-be-Que grill…

Lasters' ART

some of the ARTs created by the Lasters G.K. and C.M. for the Rhetorical Factory Presentation: “Meet the Lasters” on July 23rd, 2014.

Rosenberg and Worthen

Maury Rosenberg on Guitar (a rare performance) and Ami Worthen on the Piano at Steadman’s Little Corner Coffee House and Grill, there.

OURFestPotholders QuestionLasters Tudors

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