February Again!

the title borrows a bit from Regina Spektor’s song “Jessica”, which is quite lovely to hear. We are into the second calendar month of the year 2015 now and I have been busy making drawings and preparing for an Art Show in Raleigh, NC in April at the Simkin Gallery there. I have been posting these drawings on a Secret Group Page on Facebook but as that one has an even smaller viewership than this blog, I thought I’d include a few here for You to see:BananaSlugSombrAiroplane BustofSirWalterSoandSo CloudTypespART1 CloudTypespART2 FirstWallHangingInternINK Print KingofALLStorms ModernCurlyPantsREdrawn PersonfromPorlockUPgrade Print ScrambleCampbell SemiTractorwithLongHornsRE ShedandSomeoneTripleSundae LeafMandala

so enjoy the Mid-Winter and these ARTs from me!

2 thoughts on “February Again!

  1. HI HE HO PHIL, thanks for keeping me in the flowing in yur“Dynamic Art Gallerie” gentle stream of images & kool writings & musings 2 Spark up our own seckret “MUSES” we r living on an island kalled baltimore so every little bottle that’s korked & has a pyprus skroled poems musings images rolled up in a skroll that majikally floats up on shore of our cyber ocean hut it,s like JUBLALATION & we gather up all our leprikans & have a minature parade blowing our zoot horns & bannging our baruboom drums & waggeling whistles “all mystikal intruments frum the invisable world” so then I eat a bowl of kornflakes & paint up sum kardboard spirits …LOVE FRIENDS PEACE KREATE…yur friends brian alison & sonnie

  2. I lined-up all my miniature Minotaurs and took them out of the Labyrinth for a whole day. The town’s Folk got worried that even thought they were small, somehow they might grow larger, like the myth about miniature Pigs…

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