Flat calm, Fil and Fried Fish.

After all the blowing that’s been going on here, We now have a flat-calm, which means the Sea is like plate-glass and the neighbors are burning a big fire, already, at 6:00am, of palm fronds, coconut hulls and other debris, maybe a little styrofoam… no wind also may mean the sand flies will come. The man upstairs, Doug, says: don’t take an early shower, I’ve only had one since I got here, late yesterday afternoon and it made Me feel too clean, I missed my Lord-of-the-Flies style grunginess (and since I’m not sitting close to anybody on an Airplane…)

flat-calm this morning

When I was on the Airplane, I was in a row with a Large Lady from Belize who was very nice, She sat on the aisle and I had a window seat so the middle was empty, there were no seats before Us, just a bulkhead separating Us from First Class (I could smell the Lobster Thermidore), that Lady got up to use the Lavatory while We sat with the engines off during a slight delay (caused by heavy air-traffic over Cuba), and a bearded Man came up and claimed the middle seat, He said the Lady he was sitting next to had way too much perfume. His name was Craig and He lives in Belize, in Monkey River, You can only get to His house by boat, so He has to take all of his supplies at once. I didn’t feel bad being stinky next to that Man and He laughed when I told him I was the opposite of the perfumed Lady, from the extta-long OJ Simpson-style run through the Miami Airport.

a mile and a quarter to the Sittee River curve.

Yesterday, I rode the route I took on Wednesday, butcept, I went in reverse (as I type this one of the two Airplanes that fly over here all day, goes by, a propeller plane, probably heading for the Dangriga Airstrip. There is nary a “chem-trail” in the entire sky). I rode the mile and a quarter through the tall grass and swamps on either side, down to where the Sittee River curves and goes out to Sea. Lots of lily  pad  flowers are blooming but not a sign of any life, not even a raccoon (I know they are nocturnal, and also they are just normal to me, not something I don’t ever see, so…).

When I got back to Tipple Tree Beya, there was a Man, an Artist from Toledo (just North of Punta Gorda, where I will travel next Wednesday to meet Tiffany on the Water Taxi). His name, like mine, was Fil (short for Filone, He showed me his licence to prove it, although He said His name first), he had many carved bowls and some butterflies behind glass that He called “Humming Birds”, he also had the Jaguar Masks (above), that were very unique, to my eyes.

Yesterday I finally asked Doug if there was an “Isis Restaurant” I thought I saw it on my first night but couldn’t find it again and I began to wonder if I had imagined it, or dreamed it, maybe… He didn’t miss a  beat and said: “oh yes, Iris’ Restaurant, She’s been here a long time but She takes in the sign when They’re closed.” So that’s where I went for dinner last night, across the street from “Arts by Alex”, I was the only customer, the Lady came out and asked me if I’d like to eat there and I said Yes, please, what have You got? (there was no visible menu posted) She said “rice & beans… and fried Fish.” I waited to see if She said anything else and then agreed to that menu. It was yummy and I was hungry and with the Fanta, it was less than $10 US (which coming from Asheville, NC, is a refreshing price for a filling meal). Then I walked down (or up if You like) to the Dong Lee Supermarket and turned on my heal and came back to the Beya (having no more dollars to spend).

fire, street light, moon.

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