2017 Blog Entry

I might have forgotten about this area forever, if not for having just seen the word “blog” in a post somewhere on the Internet… I thought to mySelf, well, perhaps I should do an entry for this year, as We are already in the 6th month. I’ve got to go change the record… hold on… I’ve been taking part in a personal challenge to make a drawing every day for the entire year, it’s something that, once I started, I realized how difficult it was gonna be and also, I wondered why I hadn’t been doing it all along. It seems to me now, that life before wasn’t nearly as rich, although, it is a little isolating, as well, because I need to focus to make Art and that means limiting distractions. And, in the past, I had put off making Art for days and weeks at a time, just out of laziness.

Ancient Astronaut Turkey Teapot

Ancient Astronaut mixed with Turkey-leg Teapot. Inspired by a Gift from a very inspirational ARTist friend, Jason Krekel (entitled Ancient Astronaut).

As an Artist (I am primarily a visual Artist), my goal isn’t fame or even fortune, I just want to be able to keep doing Art and maintaining, of course, the space that I have had for so long, in which to do it. As I learned some time ago, from a Doctor, named Patch Adams, You can have a Creative Lifestyle, in which You make everything into Art in some way and it is still a thing I aspire to, every day.

I realize now, through the process of making Art everyday, that I have really designed my World, my immediate surroundings, to be inspiring and I’ve tried to surround mySelf with inspiring People as well. I met a Friend for Coffee yesterday, who said to Me, “People like Us are Self-entertaining…” which immediately struck a chord inside of me, in my internal stringed instrument, which vibrated and shimmied all up and down. Yes, I don’t need much at all and I’ve never been a Capitalist, except in the most bare-bones way. I don’t want to flood the World with my Artworks, or even talk about it too much (this is almost too much). I certainly don’t want to feed that monstrous machine that’s gobbling up everything as quickly as it can. I do want to shine beams of light out into the Cosmos with as much power as I can come up with…