¡Feliz año nuevo!

We are already on the third day of this NEW year, and I remembered as I was writing in my journal, Volume 53, that I was considering revisiting this space, that I have not for over three years… miraculously, it is still here and so am I, so why not, I thought. I have landed and expanded on a tiny Island, off the coast of Mexico, in the Western Caribbean (a word whose spelling I never get right), thanks be unto ALL the Goodnesses, I managed to squeak through the ultra-risky travel scenarios and break out of the default world and into this magical realm.

It is important to catalog Your memories, while they are fresh, of People, place and things (nouns), et cetera. My Mom reminded me of this at Christmas dinner, while telling a story of one of my childhood friends. So, I am remembering and writing down, as much as I can. I arrived here, just before noon, on New Year’s Day, 2021, I was somehow positioned much farther forward in the Airplane than usual and so I was able to disembark quickly and I went through Customs like a warm knife through butter. Outside, I located the person with a sign for the Shuttle Company I was to take to the Ferry and not long after that, a man came and asked me to follow Him, he gave me a round-trip ticket for the Ferry and some hand sanitizer. He then introduced me to a next Man, Lucio, who was my driver, a very talkative fellow, he told me right away, “Anyone who doesn’t work in Tourism, is in the bed, right now…”. We got to the Ferry much more quickly than the first time I came here with my Father, last year and he helped me out and I got in the line… the line suddenly split in two and the voice in my head told me to get in the other line, as I watched two men in front of me do but as there was no indication of which line was which, I stayed in mine. I was in the line to purchase tickets and as I have mentioned, I already had mine, so then I had to go to the back of the much longer line that had formed and was swelling out of the Ferry Terminal and into the long driveway that lead to the parking lot. It was all just fine, though, aside from rolling the janky suit-case with tiny plastic wheels over the rough-hewn blocks of the surface, the amount of time to wait was the same for everyone, we all got on the same Ferry. I was in the back of the line, so all the spots on top were taken and I had to go inside, which would never be my choice. It feels oddly like a Disney World ride from my childhood.

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