a rainy night in Mexico.

(***Author’s notification: I am using a computer to type and a camera-phone to add photos, so bear with me as I try to keep up with the ever-changing modern scenario…)

the rain came in from the North, it was apparent that it would reach my position just before the sun went down, I couldn’t see it because of the clouds, which had covered the sky, for the most part, all day. Before the rain, I visited the Panadería, on the street behind my house, I can smell the yumminess of warm baked-goods coming up from below, I don’t know what I got but both baked goods had the yellow filling and were yummy… I wonder if I just happened to get two things that had yellow filling, or if they ALL did. I am also just two floors up an open shaft from the Family’s Kitchen, with whom I am staying, the smells and also sounds of laughter and People enjoying each other’s company… it is really a treat to get to be in this environment.

I swam in the salt water twice, today and also drank fresh squeezed jugo de naranja, then I went for guacamole and cerveza at Tarzan(‘s) Bar & Grill, or Bar Grill, depending on which sign You read. Tarzan, the owner and operator, hasn’t missed a day since 1967… when I got there, this afternoon, He wasn’t anywhere to be seen… I was a little worried but then, He showed up, relaxed, as always, with attendants in tow. I’ve really enjoyed riding a bike, my Host Rolando has been very generous and let me use one of his bikes, he also fixed it, the chain was coming off and it was making a terrible noise… but now’s it’s muy perfecto! He told me it was “not strong”.

I’ve cooked my own dinner the past two nights, surprisingly Chicken and rice (arroz). I was planning on dining out tonight but the rain threw me off, also the internet was out all day and it came back on in the late afternoon, so I’ve been catching up, after spending the day swimming, drawing and riding a bicicleta!

Maybe I’ll have bacon and eggs… I have that inside.

I went out to walk around in this wild, windy night… the air is charged the way it is after a storm and close to the Sea. I have looked for fresh limes at a local Tienda, there is a “Mini Super” just about every half-block but none of them have limes, the last one I was just in, had bananas, so I got condensed milk and a tall candle. I have learned now that there are fresh produce stands and Butchers (Carniceros), everythingis available, one only has to look…

dans sette bicyclette.
This baked item survived long enough to have its picture taken.
looking out at the half-way point from the stairs down to the ground-level.

2 thoughts on “a rainy night in Mexico.

  1. I had that for brunch here this sunny cold day. Janet & I unpacked 1/2 of the book boxes onto the legal shelves & filled them completely up. Lots more to go. Dear oh dear. ungry birds & critters. I need to go to the store for birdseed. I hope ere long the family will invite you down for dinner. Try to keep safely distant & enjoy it. Love, Mom

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