Churros on the Malecon

(***Author’s notification: I use a computer to type and an iPod to upload the pictures, if You’ll just bear with me, I will get all these pieces together and as I continue to add, the posting will grow… I learned this from others within my personal blogosphere, the spherical shape created by linking a few who I know and those even fewer that I have had cause to take note of…)

I was eating Churros on the Malecon just a few moments (not even minutes) before this photo-image was taken, in case You were wondering, why don’t I have my mascarpone, I mean my mask on, although these days, it’s even harder to find a good, fresh mascarpone. There is a place down South of here maybe 15 minutes’ bike ride, it claims to be the best Italian food on the Island and they have tables outside, so I’m bound to try it… I’m looking for Pulpo, Pollo and Puerco and then some Pupusas and a Panaderia…

I went swimming twice today, once early, and then to the mercado for orange juice and a quesadilla, before my Zoom meeting with Andrew and Matt. The second time, after I finally found the Libreria, thanks to a little Man who let me know my kick-stand was down… then I rode to Tarzan, with two new used books, where I was seated immediately in the back, as usual, so I ordered a Pacifico and a Club Sandwich.

La Libreria
all along the Malecon
riding on the Malecon.

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