Rosca de Reyes

today I had the traditional Cake of this day, Epiphany of Twelfth Night or Old Christmas, take Your pick… my Host brought me the Cake on a plate, explaining, through hand gestures and saying “Rosca de Reyes” (which I didn’t understand until I saw it written out on boxes at the Super Max Grocery Market, Chedraui), he explained, as I understood it, that the piece for me was sliced off a larger, ring-like Cake.

Days have passed since this next attempt at an entry began… keeping up with a blog is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It’s weird to be away from Home when weird things happen at home but they invariably do. I have ridden my bicycle, three times now, to the Punta Sur, the Southernmost point of the Island. It isn’t as far as I thought, originally and if I go in the afternoon, they have Churros, which is worth the trip. The road goes along the Caribbean all the way and climbs up a hill and it’s mostly Villas and a few Trinket Sellers and a Restaurant or two. Riding by the Seaside is delightful and You just have to pedal fast by the basura dump which really stinks!

This is, indeed, the Island of Women but also, it is the Island of the Frogs, Isla de las Ranas! There are tons of tiny shrines to the Virgen de Guadalupe, most households have one in their courtyard or on the front porch. I am fascinated by the Virgens and the Frogs, if I stop to make a photo of one, I am usually barked at by Dogs on the roof, which is not where I expect them to be, although I am getting used to it by now.

a slice of Rosca de Reyes:
uno Rana.
Churros normale

4 thoughts on “Rosca de Reyes

  1. Fun to see the pix. Post more. I wish I had one of those yum looking churros right this minute! I’m sure there are some piping hot churros somewhere in Asheville, but not anywhere near here. It is sunshiny today but very chilly. Bird water frozen solid, so I should go thaw it, as about 20 doves are by the wall pecking seeds on the crusty hard ground as fast as their beady eyes, bobbing heads & sharp little beaks can spy, spike & swallow them. Hope it is a good sketching, beachy day down there on Virgin Frogs Island. (Have you seen any of those giant Cuban frogs we had in Delray?) Love, Mom

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