toda la noche el viento se mantuvo fuerte!

the wind, el viento (which sounds like biento to my wonky ears), has been blowing like mad all night… for the first time since I reached here, I had to close all the windows and the door, the rain was blowing right in. I didn’t notice it at first but by the time I did, it was all over the kitchen… thankfully the magic of this place includes a quick-drying feature (la función de secado rápido!) that I am not used to in Western North Carolina!

the smell from the Panaderia reaches my balcony when they are baking.

Today I got to swim two times, each of which was sandwiched between 2 kilometer bicicleta rides from my accommodations to the Playa Norte, via the Malecon, et cetera, each way, so today I road 8 kilometers, approximately. I went to the Mercado and got a bag of ground coffee and a bottle of Orange Juice, always from the same Juice Lady. I went to swim at my favorite spot, the wide shallow Sea pool where the Playa Norte meets the deep, blue Caribbean… it is amazing to me that wild waves are crashing and suddenly smooth out into a clear pool that is nowhere over my head, completely and most places only 3 feet deep, although it is not measured in feet here. On my second swim I saw a big honkin’ blow fish, the biggest one I’ve ever seen, it looked right at me and moved along.

a quite spot on the Playa Norte.

I woke up this morning at 5:40am and walked out on my roof-top to see what was happening… el viento was still blowing but the sky had cleared, I looked to see no familiar constellations but then, as I got my bearings, I looked to find the Southern Cross, that I’ve only seen a handful of times, it looks more like a Kite to me but I know it now and it is really WoW! It never can be seen in the night sky to which my eyes are regularly accustomed.

this image belongs to Roger Groom but it is of the Stars which belong to Everyone…

Orange juice on the top of spice is the truth. Sunny, mellow morning at the beach. A Lady in a floral print thong-bikini, which is standard issue here, is having a solo photo-shoot… A lone snorkeler with an instructor is in the wide-shallow sea pool, in between the rickety bridge to the SCUBA Hotel and the place where the waves break from the full-on sea. The photo-shoot Lady checks the light… in a matter of moments it’s sunny again. The water is the lightest teal blue or brightest sea foam turquoise. It only gets ever so slightly more aquamarine in the deep spots which run as the current flows and then rise into sandbars only a foot or so below the surface of said water.

dinner for one diner at Da Luisa.

“tonight”, my Host tells me, “mucho rain…” I can see the sky growing darker in the North. I ask about the Frigate Birds (pájaros Fragata), between He and I we each know so little of the other’s language but it’s safe to say, He knows more of mine. He tells me they are always here and also another Island, which he indicates through hand gestures, is to the North, an Island where no tourists are, only Animals, possibly called Cortada? I’d better hurry or this storm will beat me back to the Beach.

wires and spires of Isla Mujeres.

I reach back to home to find my feet so sandy… I have an odd feeling walking down the street from the Beach, where I swam in the rain… the warm air and the rain on my back… it’s a time-out-of-place scenario… now the rain has stopped and it’s getting dark… the wind has also stopped, after blowing for days… it’s also odd.

the afternoon Sea.

2 thoughts on “toda la noche el viento se mantuvo fuerte!

  1. I would have to have one of those crazy fuschia donuts, just to find out what the flavor could possibly be. I would hope for guava or pomegranate or……& nothing bogus! It’s wonderful that there is the fast drying gizmo. That should really help keep down mold. Isn’t this the high season? How does Luisa stay open it with one diner? Are the creative juices flowing, ideas popping? The Southern Cross does look like a kite.
    Random Comments from A Constant Reader

  2. I’m not sure about the fuchsia donuts… I had a tradicionale style with cinnamon and azucar but it was more like bread… somewhere between a donut and a bagel. The fast drying gizmo is just the combination of concrete and continual wind, not a device. It is not, apparently, the high season, also it’s a pandemic and I got my temperature taken last night at Da Luisa, which has free all-you-can-drink sangria on Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00pm… I could only drink half a glass, after being offered a pitcher… I am keeping up with journaling and drawing as usual, one cannot force the creativity but I am doing my very best to capture the inspirations that come my way. I went to check for the Southern Cross, again, early this morning, it was too cloudy, only one lone very bright star (I think it must be a planet) was shining just above the horizon, which had very dark clouds that resembled a unknown mountain range along it.

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