at the Hoss High-enda (Hacienda)

Hoss High-end on the tippy-top (thirty-two steps from the bottom).

I am thankful to share with You in this space, it is not as personal as face-to-face but I know there aren’t many people reading these words, and that’s not a complaint, it’s a compliment to the few who do! Thank You. Here is this day, a Saturday, the geographical center of January, the very first month of the year, the aftermath of all the merry-making that ushered out the old year, which wasn’t even very old but had worn out its welcome, already. Now, as far as I can make out from the tidbits of “news” that reach me, it is off to an even more bizarre start, this new year. I remember last year, I was here with my Pop and we saw some Asian People wearing masks along the beach… I just figured that they are so used to wearing them that it’s just a habbit, little did I know… habbit, rabbit and down the hole We go! (I borrowed that last bit from Abbott Vaughn Meader who was obsessed, to say the least, with Alice and her adventures in Wonderland)

Seagulls hovering over the tip of the Playa Norte.

I am here in Mexico, on the third floor of a multi-generational and multi-multi membered Family, of Rolando y Mary and their parents, sisters, cousins, children’s children’s best friends and all of their animal companions. Downstairs they are taking down the Luces de Navidad, I asked the Man, Mary’s Poppa, what is this one called? He held the light string in his hands…”this one is cadena de luces!” he proudly announced… a lights string.

at the end of the alley, past the old Oasis…
if You look anywhere, there is inspiration to find.

I rode to the Mercado, intending to get a jugo de naranja and a quesadilla but the 2 very plastic 20 peso notes (those pesos are gone with the wind!) had blown clean out of my inside pouch pocket on my ride down, so I was 10 pesos short for the Loncheria “Nic-Teha”… so, I just got my OJ and went to read in the sand. I was hopeful that the clouds cover would melt away and I could swim in the sunlit water, I did great swimming, with all long glides in the very buoyant sea, I stayed in for even longer than usual, waiting for the sun but the sun did not come out until I got back to Rolando’s… I had to do the chilly walk in the whipping wind, the water is so warm, though, it’s no trouble to just stay in.

the wide-shallow sea pool where I swim, each day.

Now I’m cooking bacon in my cocina on this blustery but sunny January afternoon, it’s a Saturday and all along the merry way between here and the Playa Norte and back again, everything is bustlin’, riders of every type of vehicle are faster than me, I just stay close to the side and they all pass by. Yesterday everyone was stopped, all the traffic, to watch the Helicopter of the Mexican Marines, take off… quite a spectacle… up it went, sounding a little squeaky but everything held together and they went noisily off to the North, presumably back to land somewhere on the Mainland.

Egg & bacon lunch.

the light is fading once again, the time from dawn ’til dusk goes by so quickly and the night stretches out forever, it seems like. I stand out on the lanai and watch some great atmospherics and get my first glimpse of this next moon, tiny and glimmering, like a magic (as a magic) in the Western sky. I think I will go eventually to see if the Panaderia is open… I have eaten all my cookies that I got last time. I got two lovely swimming experiences in today, the second one was so sunny and so chilly to get out in the stiff breeze… I danced around and toweled off like a wild man, tucked in nearby to a whole vacationing family, with their boom-box and pop-tops… everybody down here has a boom box, you know, the modern version, which, of course, has get nothing on the original… who has those anymore, I reckon somebody does.

Andador 5 from above.

a little guy goes by on his bike with a big case of baked goods, honking his horn wildly, in case You wanna come out and buy one or more… there is also a mixed nuts guy… I wish they had a churros cart through the neighborhoods but it’s just as well that they don’t. I sit out up top and sip hot coffee after dark, the semi-flavorless beverage is warm and it adds to the sensation of this cool night. I am beneath Orion, just like at home and a new next Moon sliver is floating up in the Western sky, it’s another beautiful night but this one has lots of stars, let’s hope it stays clear or is clear again at around 5:00am…

Cochinita Pibil:

4 thoughts on “at the Hoss High-enda (Hacienda)

  1. Well, I wish there were more subscribers & commenters to your well-written travel blog. I like to comment on the blogs I read if I have some thoughts myself or gratitude for the photographs & words that let me into other worlds. Isla Mujeres is certainly another world, which has cast its spell on you. And of course I enjoy reading about your Mexican adventures as the days here are the same things over & over. Maybe Feb. or March would be more reliably warm & sunny months to visit instead of Jan. which was often too cool in South Florida most years we lived there as well. I can see that inspiration abounds wherever you look. Take it all in & let it percolate. Are there any little museums on the island, art or the sea life or history to enlighten or stimulate? Rolando & his extended family sound like very lively neighbors at the hacienda. Probably few dull moments in such a household. I remember when we lived next door to the colorful Caliendos. It was very cold here today with snow flurries off & on. The sun came out now & then but didn’t help much. It was cloudy when I fed Mr. Poss earlier and it’s too cold to go back out again to see if it’s cleared & the moon & Orion are shining down. I’m off to the Land of Nod. Buenas noches. Dulces sueños.
    ~ Love, Moi.

  2. I am truly not wishing for more subscribers… this is just my way to share a little with a few You do take a moment to read these. I really appreciate Your comments. I love this place and this time out of the ordinary, I will think of it all year and I move in my home spaces. Even in the cool breeze, there are bunches of people out standing in the waters, they must come from high, high up in the mountains, there are People here from all over the World, it seems like yet a lot more are Spanish speakers, than english, I hear what I think is Russian and German, also thrown in…

  3. Are there shells or sharks teeth on Playa Norte? Are those coral rocks or volcanic rocks or just broken concrete in the tidal pool? They look curious & dark for coral.

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