Nadar en el Mar (el océano) para vientidós dias. (1.22.21)

the other side of the wide shallow sea pool where I swim, the current flows right through the middle from the sea!
there are some sea plants that grow along the edge of the water and also, a whole lot of seaweed that comes up into this area.
I am looking forward to swimming on this day, I am optimistic that it will be my Twenty-second day in a row to swim. I pulled it off, once again, and I’ve also been able to swim twice a day now, the past four days in a row! This day it was no problem to swim as it is absolutely idyllic... the perfect sunny pure blue, everything seems suspended in time and as I pull my arms back to either side and glide through the cool blue water with the impossible sparkles shimmering along the rippled, soft, sandy bottom, I thought of a cosmic turtle's shell, the patterns are of light, that refracts all around me, as in pure delight!
This Goddess of the Sea watches over Isla Mujeres as She emerges from Her conch shell home!
this plaque is displayed on the base of the statue (above).
Here is a painting of Mayans on a wall near my area:
It is late now, this whole day has been a whirlwind, coming and going, drawing, reading, swimming and writing, communicating with Friends and Family, I am grateful for it all. Also for the Sun and Moon and all the Stars, the Sea and the fact that el Viento has chilled out for a few hours, after blowing pretty much non-stop.

Yesterday as I was swimming in the afternoon, I suddenly had a craving for a Ham and Cheese sandwich... I've seen one on the menu at the Mercado but that closes at 1:00pm (Uno hora), so I went back to swimming and walking in the sand. On my way back to home, I circled the lovely Lady of the Sea, who is there on the Malecon, I like to do that and say some blessings as I roll around her. I saw the Food Truck that is always there, so I pulled up and got off my bike, some Guys came out with menus and explained to me what food they had... I order a puerco torta (pork sandwich) and a cappuccino.

I wish I could share the smell of food cooking that is pouring into my space, right now, at almost 10:00pm on a Friday night and the cheering of a crowd somewhere that seems to go on almost all of the waking hours of the day but so far, I have found no source of these multitudes of celebratory sound makers. I went again to the Panaderia, which is open randomly and when it is You'd better queue up quick, it's just two at time inside with Your tray and tongs. The Lady in front of me had each of her 10 pastries tied up in individual bags, when my turn came, I told the Lady behind the counter, "todo en una bolsa, ¡por favor!" please put all of this in one bag.

with each passing day, one less remains before I am to fly home, if all goes according to plan, I will do so on the 31st of this month, if not, then I will make a new plan, it seems pretty straight forward from here but there are new travel rules and I am in an unfamiliar place.

I have managed to publish this before I was ready, so bear with me, as I sort this out, por favor.

Stay tuned for SOON a report on So Many Mini-Supers (one about every half block)!
fresh Baked Items at the Panaderia, around the corner from my apArtamento:
Cappuccino by the sea… I was skeptical when I saw a Guy with a milk and a strange device, similar to a milkshake mixer… #cappuccinoparfait

2 thoughts on “Nadar en el Mar (el océano) para vientidós dias. (1.22.21)

  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful things! The sea pool looks heavenly & so does cappucino parfait! It’s great to get these enticing pictures of IM. Gracias for this, Love, Mom

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