If I ever get back to El Lago del Mar…

panoramic Playa Norte:

I have a tune I’ve been working on, ever since I’ve been gone down to Mexico for the first time, back in 2016, even then I wondered why it had taken me so long to get there. The tune has lyrics, too about that place, which is not really called El Lago del Mar, the Lake of the Sea, or Sea Lake, whichever You please:

If I ever get back to El Lago del Mar,

I’ll be gliding along on the breeze,

I’ll be flying along on the wind and the waves,

I’ll be hopin’ for yourSelf to see!

(it goes on to describe how Our small group made its way across time and space to reach the (now famous) Bar-be-Que Chicken Joint, currently known as Pollo Pollo!

the song includes details of the group’s journey to reach their destination:

You will come to a wide-open country,

You will travel ‘cross the river and back.

You will come to a wide-open country,

it was there that You’ll open Your pack!

Today has been the day for stopping along the way…

Sometimes I take voice memos during my bike ride, an audio note, if You will, that helps me remember my thought-process (even better than the previous way I mentioned, which I still can’t remember, yet), as I glide along beside that sparkly Caribbean. Here are some ones from this day: Today has been the day for stopping along the way, to see what I can say, from certain vantage points… (which is true, I do) I use my own terms, in Ology, which is where terms come from, if You wait and see, in Ology, the place where terms come from… they are made there… unfortunately in Isla Mujeres, there are only three songs in heavy rotation, “YMCA” by the Village People, “Staying Alive!” by… whoever that was and what sounds like the Gypsy Kings, doing their version of the most over-played song of all-times… “Hotel California”.

a sign of the times:

this morning, I confirmed something that I have been thinking about for a while, there is an easy way down to the little beach at the end of my street and on a calm day like this, I will be able to get into a sandy spot in the shallow water and have a dip… I am also looking forward to this. I love my bike rides to the Playa Norte and those are bookends of my day but in between, there will be other items, that cold cuts that make up the sandwich meats!

somewhere along that Northeastern coastline…

it’s a clear blue Caribbean day like I haven’t seen my entire stay, there are usually clouds lurking somewhere and I do enjoy all the types of weather, I love when it rains and swimming in the rain is something I hope to do again. The sun adds sparkles and I know I talk a lot about those but they indicate and/or incite enchantment and that is usually filed right next to delight!

I did go to the beach at the end of the street, it’s at the bottom of some small cliffs and the pathway to the bottom is quite smooth, once I found it. The sand of the beach is the same ultra soft sand of the other beaches and the water, while much more sea-like, is the same lovely blue-green, as a sea should be! I got right out there and an older man came out, too, there were some big corals popping out of the waves but I only stayed where the water was the lightest color, which means sandy bottom. I was out there for a while, then came back in and walked to home and grabbed my beach bag to ride down to the Playa Norte for another Paleta de Oreo, then reading and swimming after that.

a tiny beach at the end of my street…

When I got back to here, I saw some of the Family down in the main outside part of the compound, the Grandfather had his golf cart loaded up with what I would describe as a catering service, tureens and stacks of platters, et cetera. We exchanged a greeting which changes depending on what time of day, of course, so everyone is always looking around and then saying the appropriate one… “Buenas Tardes” this time. Something was cooking and Rolando was in the back by the grills, I could see his silhouette and then he laughed his big, hearty laugh and a barrage of positive terminologies. I made a gesture to show the fumes from what he was cooking coming to me and I said, “¡muy delicioso!“, Rolando smiled and laughed and nodded from his grilling zone, which is no joke, by the way… he has two of those metal half barrels on legs that are wood or charcoal grills, here He was grilling the fish..

Rolando came up the stairs with a platter for me... He had a BIG smile and a plate with tortillas, rice and corn and salsa fresca (onions, tomatoes and jalapeños) and, "¡Pescado!" He announced... I said, "Gracias, muy bueno!", he laughed again, "¡muy bien! ¡muy bien!" I always get that mixed up, for something like food, it's "muy bien" not "bueno", si? Cooked Fish is what it was, pescado cocinado
grilled Pescado, arroz and salsa fresca with tortillas to make fish tacos.

6 thoughts on “If I ever get back to El Lago del Mar…

  1. The grilled pescado looks terrific. I’ll bet it was. How nice of Rolando to share his bounty with you. This sea looks like a few of those beaches in Hawaii, with volcanic? rocks. A bit wilder, & no lifeguards anywhere. Is it as warm as the tidal pool? Creative thoughts are flowing, as they often do when people get to take a bit longer for vacation. I’m glad you are relishing it all. Cold but sunny here today. Luz came. Sara’s back home after six weeks at her sister’s. We are all glad to have her back & walking & climbing her stairs w/o problems. Fletcher helped her with all of it. He too thinks her battery charger might be dead.

  2. I’m calling this a “Bathing Holiday” but it certainly has a focus on ARTs, which also include the very limited literary selections available here. I’m glad Sara is back… what did You do without her!?

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