One last day (un ultimo dia) in Mexico…

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a Mexican street scene You’ve seen before but it looks different to me, every time!
this photo-image came up by accident and is clearly an accidental photo, so I think I’ll leave in honour of the question, “divine intervention, or accident?”

It has been a stressful build-up to the relief I now feel, after having just taken my third Covid Test, this one, so I can return to my Home, in the USA. By 6:00pm I will know the result and if it is negative, I’ll fly home on Sunday afternoon… I’ll be back in Asheville, NC, before 10:00pm on Sunday, if all the rest of it goes accordion to plan (which for me just involves being in the right places at the right times and the flying machines working properly, et cetera). Taxi to Ferry to Shuttle Bus to Aeropuerto to Aeroplane to USA to next Aeroplane to Home in a ground car… it took all of nine hours to do that list in reverse on New Year’s Day.

a little bit of Island pink in the late afternoon sunlight.

I got my negative test result, this evening, as promised and so I am cleared for lift-off on Sunday afternoon, to return, at last to the USA. I rode into town early to get my Covid Test and so I got to see the sun rise out of the Caribbean, which was quite a special treat. Then I stood in line down on Avenida Benito Juárez, reading my pulp fiction novel. Finally it was my turn and so I went in to the tiny Laboratoio office, with two Ladies, one of whom was a translator, the translator also swabbed my nasal passageways and wore at least two pairs of gloves on either hand and then still peeled a sticker and attached it to my sample container. This isn’t really the most interesting thing, I know, but it happened to me and very early this morning.

Sun’s glow illumination!
sunrise over the Caribbean as I made my way to the Laboratorio.

ILast night as I was coming home from dinner, I saw the Abuelo of this household pulling up his golf-cart along the street outside of the Andador 5 alleyway that leads to it, He had a large package of meat… “¡Carnitas!” he said to me, after the usual pleasantries, “Buenos Noches.” et cetra, so I asked, “Puerco?“, “Si!“, he goes, “tomorrow, Tamales!” and already there is the smell of yummy food permeating this entire building, here, just before dawn. I rode back along the Sea’s edge, hoping to see the moonrise, I could see the glow from behind the clouds, quite spectacularly but la Luna remained hidden. She’s still up there, in the Western sky, behind the clouds, they are splotchy, so some stars do shine through.

Rolando and a Wahoo Fish that he was about to carve up for dinner.
the sun bleached Malecon of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Yesterday, after my afternoon swim, during which all I could think about was food, and quite often while swimming in the afternoon, my thoughts have turned to what I will eat next, trying to make my plan, I was very hungry but it had gotten chilly with the strong wind. I walked out of the shallow water and back to my towel and books, it felt like getting out of a Maine lake in Summer time. I thought of all the different places I could go for something yummy to fill my belly but instead, I went again and chose a spot to draw on the Malecon. I have drawn there four times, now, and yesterday’s time was by far the best, not the drawing itself, or how it turned out but the actual process of sitting and drawing, I got into it, the way that I always hope I will, instead of being distracted or not into it.

my latest drawing of the Malecon.
around here, You’ve got to look up when You hear barking!

4 weeks ago, this morning, I woke up to my first morning in Mexico, that was January 2nd, 2021, it seems like a dream that that much time has gone, where has it flown off to? Away with the wind… El Viento is a BIG part of this Island Life, as far as I can tell from my short time here. The people don’t seem fazed by it, nor do they seem chilly. None of the other people at the beach were shivering in their towels after getting out in the wind, with the clouds only letting brief shafts of sunlight through. I was born in South Florida and have always craved the heat. I like a warm envelope all around me. In Western North Carolina, where I have lived for most of 40 years, it hardly ever gets hot, maybe we’ll get one week in mid-Summer but that’s it, which is why everybody wants to live there. Mexico is tricky, you’d hafta have Your own garden, I think, in order to get greens… there is plenty of fresh fruit and peppers, ’til Kingdom come but no collards or kale, not even Callaloo, like the old Jamaicans grew. I know it probably seems funny to read me complaining about a lack of greens but it is a part of a diet that is necessary, and after a month, almost without them, I really start to feel it, especially being as active as I have been here.

it took him a minute but this Guy finally got his announcements scooter properly propped.

one thing’s for sure, You cannot force inspiration to come to You, You can look for it and certainly be prepared for it but sometimes, You just hafta kind of forget about it and then it comes like a bolt, which will jolt You and if You are lucky, You can turn it into a constructive piece of Your Art, whatever that Art may be. I try to live my life in an Artful way, I am fascinated by everything, especially in a place that is not my normal place, where things are done quite differently… there are a lot of aspects of Mexico, from the little, tiny bit I could possibly know, that really fit right into my program but then there is so much more to know and to do and to see. I’ve realized during this time that it is not necessary to make sense of everything, it doesn’t even make much sense to try. of course, we need to know the basic workings of how we keep on moving forward in this World, those are important and I hope they do make sense, to me and to You!

the Northern end of the Malecon, if You keep going along these little beaches and over a rocky outcropping, You will come to the steps that lead to the Playa Mia.
la Luna llena from my roof-top spot!
in the Pink zone of the Malecon…
Panacota, the new one dessert of Da Luisa!

5 thoughts on “One last day (un ultimo dia) in Mexico…

  1. Some really nice photos in this edition. The roof dogs, one looking like dear old Lucy Lou with her summer cut for a Mexican life. The now familiar to me colorful pink section of the Malecon with the starry little wall where Shaggy Look-alike reigns. You with grizzly palms & sunbeams haloing your island look. The scooter-with-extreme-public-announcement-system guy. Rolando, the genial host & his magnificent Wahoo. The moonrise from the East over your roof. The sunrise also from the East before your third covid test. Another beautiful drawing! These wonderful photos & Isla Mujeres drawings are a memory treasure trove of the things you saw with your eyes wide open & it seems your heart & mind too. The best kind of traveller.
    Love, Mom
    P.S. You have always been cold & shivery emerging from swims. Me too. T. too. It’s a family trait (as the genealogists call the quirks & idiosyncrasies that run through DNAs).

    • I always wondered how other language speakers don’t hear the “Bark, bark” that is plainly what the Dogs are saying, as “Shaggy” did say to me, that day and others, when I passed his starry position!

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