Up and also Away!

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I woke up at 4:00am on Monday morning, February 28th, February the very last day. The following are notes made during and after travel: Flying out, at last, by the Dawn’s early light… a-waitin’ on the Breakfast cart but they say it isn’t coming. These old engines are hummin’ and outside, the cold orange sky and low clouds below, everything is starting to glow as We go further to the East where we will catch the next planes down to Mexico. I met my driver, who was waiting for me at the Studio in the icy darkness, and we were off to the Airport. All of this may enter into a blog-form later… we (meaning me) shall see!

all bundled-up on the puddle-hopper.

I am eating slightly chilled mini-pretzels one at a time. We got bumped up in our departure line, from 15th to 5th and we were off in no-time… the Captain, or whomsoever makes announcements from up front, says We will be in Cancun 20 minutes early and with any luck, out if this travel scenario and on to Isla Mujeres, muy pronto!

awaiting my involuntarily checked bag.

How do You pass the time on a floating flying floating fine machine, a Silver, soaring bird above the cloud cover, packed to the gills with gigglers and every-sized of Humans, all putting off their various fumes? I am always awkward as I travel… easily flustered as the Lady granting entrance told me my bandana was not allowed, even though I do wear the proper mask beneath it. “You must take it off, bandanas are not allowed!” I pulled it down around my neck and went on.

flying high above a lovely morning waterway.

Below We, the clouds break up into little puff-balls and even lower than that is all ocean… the clouds make a shadow on the water and what is not a shadow, is all aglow. A very loud announcement about mileage comes as an abrupt wake-up from a brief and rare airplane nap. “shut the F up!” I say to that Lady in my head and push the headphones closer to my ear to block out that advertisement… as with anything related to the USA, everything is an advertisement of some sort…

Puff-ball clouds and shiny Sea.
the Ferry Boat Spire at Puerto Juarez.
flying along on the wind and the waves!

I reached Rolondo y Maria’s at around 4:00pm, today. It was SO busy at the Aeroperto that even though the Plane landed 24 minutes ahead of the predicted arrival time and I breezed through customs (they didn’t have any Customs Forms for people to fill out on the Airplane but I had received a notification that I needed to fill this out online and so I did and had it with me, so I went right through while Everyone else was writing frantically on all available surfaces), I ended up waiting for the Happy Shuttle, in their queue, for either almost or at least an hour. They brought a steaming bowl of Lentejas (Lentils) and a bread-piece, the Young Man who brought it told Me, “mY Mom made this and She thought You would like it.” Moms tend to have a way of knowing and She was right. This lentejas was unique in that it contained a boiled, smashed egg in there with it, it was delicious. Rolondo had my bicicleta ready for me, he handed me a lock and I was off for the Beach, now it was already after 5:00pm and I wanted to get in the water!

upon approach, the up-close view of the Yucatan shoreline.
Lentejas by Maria.
Casa Rolondo got a new thatched roof-top, a Palapa.
a self-portrait of I, up on the Lanai.

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