an Ode to Art.

Bob7inBigChairCardboardKingEricLegeeTo-day I am making an Ode to Art and here I am featuring two Artists that I know: The Hardest Working Man inside of the realm of Cardboard, the Cardboard King and Mister Eric Legee! Both of these Fellows have been at an event called the Doo-Nanny, which is the World’s Preem Ear Lo-Fi Festival and We are in a count-down to that, just one day longer than the 28-Day Sketch Challenge (of which this is the last day). I’m-a keep on Rockin’! This has been the 28th Day in one row, of drawings by me, so far.

and the next Arts Ode is comin’ in with a Minister of Intertwanelism and current Resident of the Candlertown ArToREtuM, Mister Doctor Professor, Robert Frito Seven.