Mid Winter Blog

I am contemplating posting an entry in these wee hours. Here I am in the darkness, staring at the glowing screen, the almost half-full Moon having sunk into the barren hills to the west. Thoughts fill my head. I am wide awake. I believe this is my first post of the new year, almost at the end of January. I don’t like to wish time away but I don’t cherish January and while We are in the Sweet Spot of Winter, it can’t melt away into Spring soon enough. I’m riding on a fairly productive wave, anticipating an UPcoming Art Show in Raleigh, NC in March, at the tail-end of Winter, so I’ve got that to look forward to before Spring. I feel the cold sneaking into my bones and I have to keep warm and fill not only my belly with warm food and liquids but my heArt and mind with warm thoughts and feelings, too. Feel Your mind filling up with warmth, I repeat it into the void, that darkness that goes from the backside of this tiny remote device on into forever, I whisper it a third time just for luck… Outside my window, Stars twinkle in the clear, black night, the jewel-like indicators of unbelievable brightness from Eons away. What more can be written about the Stars or the Moon, lights in the darkness are Our salvation, at least I know they are mine. How many Winters have I endured? Forty-four and a half, so far. How many more will I endure, before I finally make my way permanently to some warmer zone? Who knows. Good night to You out there. Good luck staying warm and safe and happy.


Yo Saying HOONs and Sun & Moon!

Yo Saying Hoons, Sun and Moon.What can I draw, next else Bear? I feel like a combination of writing, drawing and the hand written writing technique, is exactly what I need to guide myself toward achieving my goals as an Artist. I shall guide myself, as if at the helm of a medium-sized Vessel. These thoughts just flow into my Head, one right after the next. I was editing some stuff from a previous journal, a few choice paragraphs from a year, one of many with hardly any writing to mention, and the stuff is so interesting to me… How did I come up with that? It just flowed out into my brain as I happened to be writing. A lot of good thoughts come and go but to have the fortune of some (at least) decent ones actually visiting one’s mind at such an opportune time, well that is truly magical.