Yo Saying HOONs and Sun & Moon!

Yo Saying Hoons, Sun and Moon.What can I draw, next else Bear? I feel like a combination of writing, drawing and the hand written writing technique, is exactly what I need to guide myself toward achieving my goals as an Artist. I shall guide myself, as if at the helm of a medium-sized Vessel. These thoughts just flow into my Head, one right after the next. I was editing some stuff from a previous journal, a few choice paragraphs from a year, one of many with hardly any writing to mention, and the stuff is so interesting to me… How did I come up with that? It just flowed out into my brain as I happened to be writing. A lot of good thoughts come and go but to have the fortune of some (at least) decent ones actually visiting one’s mind at such an opportune time, well that is truly magical.