Last chance for Churros!

looking out from the Cliffs facing due East.
bougainvillea Flowers in bloom.
this secret beach is two blocks from where I’ve stayed this whole month.
the street off of which is my Alley, Andandor 5.
the Family having another big meal together.
a last order of Tacos!
down on the South end, the flowers bloom by the Sea.
Last chance for Churros!
Down the big hill, past la Basura Grande…
Jugo de Naranja!
a yummy Quesadilla from the Mercado!
watch out little Fishes… a mural along the walkway around the Salina Grande.
a new ARTs appeared here… I am guessing it’s a Jaguar.
Casa Rolando y Mary, brightly colored in the Island sun.

and now, I am off… back to USA, let’s see if they’ll let me back in, today! Think a thought for me as I fly. And stay tuned-in for further reports, right here!

One thought on “Last chance for Churros!

  1. I will think of you all day & and send my best wishes to you for good & safe travels. We will be so happy to have you home again in our snowy town. (I think it will be mostly melted away by tonight.) The condo is all ready & waiting for your stay. A person with heavy tread has moved in upstairs above. ¡Buen Viaje! Bienvenido a casa.

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