El Camino de Lago del Mar

(*** Author’s notification, sometimes these blog posts unfold over multiple days)

Frigate Birds forever! (¡Fragatas para siempre!)

Here I am on Sunday, just after noon, I’ve had my quesadilla, read a chapter and the Sun has still refused to make its presence truly known. The wind (el viento) blows a little less forcefully than yesterday. I gotta get in the water if I wanna maintain my streak, see, today will be seventeen in a row, if I go… I’ve passed the center point, so it has to be yes, not no. I did it, I swam and I really swam, until I popped up finally, from that oxygen rich, briny water, breathing heavily from the working out of my whole body at once.

On the Malecon, as my Mom pointed out, it’s a wonder it ever got built…

I have ways I try to remember the ideas I have when I can’t write them down, which at this point aren’t many. Trudging along in the traffic upon my bicicleta, is certainly one such time, so I developed a way to remember the thoughts, which for the life of me, I cannot now remember! I spilled most of my quesadilla sauce on my lap when that mischievous wind whipped up and blew away the catchment tray… if only that sauce could be captured and rechanneled into, well, my brain! Spicey goodness, come again! Today I began speaking with the Juice Lady (la Agua Fresca) told me that the place where I was awaiting the completion of my quesadilla, was the best of the best, which is mad props from the Juice Lady, also She told me that I need to try the Panuchos… it’s a little thing that seems to be diamond shaped, from her gestured description, and inside goes frijoles and then You put puerco… She rubbed her belly. I could just drink that orange juice all dang day… I crave it, the way I crave churros, or swimming in the sea.

We’re gonna need some more wires, down here and an electrical engineer…

One problem here, a first world problem in a… well, a not exactly first world scenario (and as time continues, we’ll surely meet in the middle somewhere), is that the bank machines give out all 500 peso notes but all the small vendors really need the small currency, they don’t have endless change for 500 pesos. So, one must navigate this situation by sticking it to the BIG Box joints like the Chedraui Grocery Store, which I really dislike but it’s the only place I can get something to cook in my apArtment, that I have figured out, so far… even still, the Chedraui check-out Ladies, ask, as everyone, “Do You have any change?” nobody has change. There is no communication, just like in the USA, between the automated and the actual humans. How long will this go on? As long as a company can save money with automated systems, is this what I want to think about on a Monday morning? Hell no!

a cross between BiLo and Best Buy and Big Lots, Chedraui!

these words are really just filler for in between the pictures… just like the Taco place back home uses cauliflower filler in its beans dip… they seem like such an endless vat of beans. Using the word “vat” makes me experience the slightest Deja Vu, and recently I’ve had a few. I’m thinking about these People I see and the different Holidays that they are on and also about my own limited and unique perspective, and specifically my Bathing Holiday, going on right now. I think the Airlines anticipated this janky no-frills status… they must have. What I lack in physical weight, I do make up for it in pieces of Seaglass, stashed inside my suit bag, which carries no suits, save for the two bathing pairs that I brought down here. Some beach girls go by with their boys in their opposing bathing attire, their parfum and cologne scents the air momentarily… I’ve never been really fond of parfum since I knew better.

My Island Transportation, only one speed

All the big birds have gone now, back to the Southwest for supper, or either that, or over to Isla Contoy, the sea island preserve where they stay. Just a routine emergency trip to the surface (in Submariner speak). The perpetual storm of the Sea has caused me to miss yet another afternoon swim… it’s too chilly and hard to get dry once again, with the rain and naturally, no sun in sight. I’ve gotten my bike rides in, though and I sit on the beach, now, to type these words for You. The warm night wind is blowing, the clouds cover stars and then move away, I search and search the night sky… it is mysterious, especially where the dark, limitless spots appear with their twinkling pinpoint stars.

3 thoughts on “El Camino de Lago del Mar

  1. Have you put your nose down in those lovely pink frangipani flowers & breathed in? Just the most heavenly perfume~ I don’t see how you couldn’t like it. Remember our yellow one that we bought from Mr. ?? What Was his name? out there on Military Trail under the big pine trees with all the tropical plants in gallon cans, who took you thrill riding on his golf cart? You had such a funny 3 o 4 year old way of pronouncing his name. I hope I haven’t forgotten it forever. He said he absolutely could not sell his very special yellow frangipani. I said I wanted a pink one anyway. None of them were in bloom. Months later when it finally bloomed in the back yard under your window it was Mr.??’s special yellow one of course. I don’t remember what that frilly white one in your pix is called & my tropical flower book is packed away. Hélas, gone with the wind like Mr. ??….. Well I sure hope the sun rises over IM tomorrow & shines brightly & warmly all day & all the rest of the days of your time in Mexico.
    Fingers Crossed,
    Love, Mom
    Mr. Fergynon!!! (Good old little grey cells as Poirot always called them, tapping his temple.) They grind around very slowly but at least there are still some moving along in the grooves.

  2. You’ve got to keep those grooves a-moving… it didn’t ring the slightest bells for me, Fergynon, it only makes me think of the Flowers for Algernon, which might not even be right and is only a title I remember from some dark hallway, whose long corridor has a door ajar at the very end, out of which, on occasion, chirps some unknown voice, who says that, and other things. Maybe this is too much information but I really just like the natural scent of a Woman and when She has the hint from on high, not to mask it, that is when I can tell as much as I’d ever need to know (and as You know, there is so much more waiting for You there, like a Bear with a BIG club, just waiting to whack You… outta the park!) It’s cloudy this morning, yet again, the North wind has given out and the southEastern wind has batted the same clouds back again, spitting water from right off the Sea. I am at a perfect level, where I am here, to receive it directly from the waves crashing on the cliffs, two blocks away, or a block and a half, We are situated in the middle of this block where I stay.

  3. Well you know how I react to odeurs au naturels, TMI about the one giving them off. Way back in the Eocene (my era), finding Your special scent at the perfume counter was a very fun female thing. And especially in Paris, the Parfum capital of the world. And the naturally aromatic (beaucoup de garlic & not enough modern plumbing back then) French (especially on crowded Metros & autobuses & cinémas) were often in great need of parfum. I soon found I especially loved the aromas of white flowers (jasmine, tuberoses, gardenias & roses) & have ever since worn parfum with those scents for my very own plaisir. Soooo, it could be a generational thing, probably is, but I hope not, that young women still enjoy finding & spritzing on their favorite parfums, for themselves, the public good & attraction of young men who still find perfume alluring (as opposed to au naturelle). Perhaps today tattoos & the whole spectrum of sparkledy nails are more the attraction thing?
    Nan & I loved to go hunting among the pines & their carpet of wonderfully scented needles for plant treasures at Mr. Ferguson’s Nursery. You found a beloved treasure there, a dirty, old worn, lost or cast aside rag baby doll with wild and crazy yellow yarn hair that “Mr. Fergynon” said you could have. It was given a place honor in playtime groupings with Teddy & R.Ann & Andy, for some several years way back then. You named it but I have truly forgotten what. I hope the weather will turn itself completely around to the South & clear up ASAP. Cold (27) & cloudy here this morning.

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