los Espíritus del Viento! (the Spirits of the Wind)

the Malecon (mi bicicleta included).

here, the mischievous Wind Spirits dart all about, changing direction on a whim and blowing rain straight off of the Ocean. They also blow away the clouds and make a chill on Your skin, coming out of an afternoon swim. With any luck at all the same winds have blown back the puffy tropical cloud forms and let the Sun shine through, to dry the salt water quickly. Today we had these perfect conditions. I got to swim twice, which is ideal and I also rode my bicicleta, again, to la Punta Sur for Churros, the first time since Monday.

la Punta Sur.

Have You ever been a wonderin’ where-oh-where You’ve been and suddenly seen it all laid clean and clearly out before You? No… it’s just a dream or an attempt at a clever rhyme scheme. In this long conversation with mySelf that I’ve been having, it seems that a chief complaint of mine is not knowing enough… good heavens, with the little that I do know or suppose I know, I have plenty to keep mySelf occupied (ocupado). All this time, though, my skin grows thicker, so fewer of those slings and arrows may pierce it than they once did, but still, I am no Achilles.

at the Playa Norte.

tonight marks the two-week point in this month-long solo retreat of mine, I ate again at my favorite place, so far, this time I was the only diner the entire time I was there. I had Pasta al Cartoccio, the House Special and my favorite dish. I also had a Coffee, with crema, as usual and also a margarita, on the way home I stopped for more candles. Two weeks from now I will still be here but with less than 48 hours to go. I have expanded completely into this space and need to keep an eye on it expanding any further because it all needs to back in the two small bags that it came here in. I also need to get my laundry done and there seem to be plenty of places where I can take it right to them.

Da Luisa Italian Caribbean Restaurant.

for the past four days in one row, I have been able to ride down to the Playa Norte to swim, twice each day and I plan to continue that trend as long as the bike and my legs hold out, or until about 11:00am on Sunday, January 31st, when I need to be removed from here by the Ferry to meet the Happy Shuttle driver on the other side of the water. That makes 15 days in a row that I’ve been swimming, that’s probably the most in ages, sadly. I’d swim every day if I were so lucky but I regularly have other stuff to do and not such proximity to a lovely place to swim. I am thankful and trying to be so aware of what a special treat this is and how I shouldn’t take it for granted. When I swim, I swim for Everybody who is unable to but would like to, if they could.

Sunset along my route this Evening.
a typical home on Isla Mujeres.

No Virgen here… sea shells worshipped!

if there is one thing I kmow to be true, it’s that the Mexican night is enchanting, with all of its sounds and smells and yes, even sights, a myriad of twinkling lights, the many decorations still going from Navidad, although starting to look a little long in the tooth. I looked out just now, into the gently breezy night, it is much quieter than previous nights and I am up the latest I have been this whole trip, to experience it.

Mexican Candles (mirror image)

2 thoughts on “los Espíritus del Viento! (the Spirits of the Wind)

  1. Me again. Your photos of your favorite island capture a bit of its authentic & sometimes colorful character. Do you eat tacos sometime? Does Luisa ever tuck a pulpo into her cartoccio? Do you always sit at the same table? Why not by the window? It’s good to be ocupado & engaged. Happy days, pleasant weather. Que la pases bien.

  2. I sit at the same table, if available, because there is a light positioned perfectly for a left-handed person to draw and write and since I am a lone diner (solo Yo), it helps to keep me ocupado, so it goes… the Cartoccio has shrimps, muscles, and calamari, maybe another thing, fish bits. The Pulpo is available in another place I haven’t yet graced it’s doorway. I do have the quesadilla from the place at the Mercado, it’s similar to a BIG taco, on a freshly made corn tortilla, that’s a favorite, I’m gonna get one this day.

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